Welcome to ENLARGE IRS!

ENLARGE IRS is your gateway to the ENLARGE IoT solutions ecosystem. Join the ENLARGE Federation to consume and/or produce IoT experiences that can be accessed, managed and shared in a matter of seconds.

Start now!

Fast & easy

Start from zero and have your (and others') equipment visible and available forr remote work as cloud services in just a few minutes. No programming skills or network systems knowledge are required to apply our solutions and start using worldwide spread connected devices.

Accessible & secure

Make your (and others') connected devices visible and accessible to the rest of the world (or just to some chosen users from the institutions you select) while keeping the equipment safe within your institutional or other external LANs and/or behind powerful firewalls.

Modern & reliable

Use cutting edge communication technologies, such as HTTP, Websockets, SSH or Modbus, for accessing your (and others') hardware. The use of state-of-the-art protocols guarantee modern, fast and reliable communications that are universally supported in industry, smart homes and labs.


Our solutions

ENLARGE provides powerful tools to assist in the network management of connected devices. Our solutions include a variety of modules and components to make your life easier when making things accessible while keeping them completely secure:


myFrontier is a scalable server that controls the remote access to a LAN (local area network), to which any number of sets of physical equipment or plants are connected. This resources can then be used with myDiscovery and myUIs applications.


myConvergence makes any physical device or equipment, running with/under any software, convergent with ENLARGE's solutions.


myGateway devices unify physical devices connected to different LANs. They allow extending and configuring ENLARGE's cloud service with devices that are physically separated and distributed in different networks, including those external to ENLARGE's myFrontier.


myVirtualFrontier publishes myGateway resources as cloud services that can then be used with myDiscovery and myUIs applications.


myDiscovery allows users to access ENLARGE cloud services from their own computers with a convenient desktop application.


myUserInterfaces or myUIs manage the configuration of convergent sensors, actuators and controllers (including those that have been made convergent using the myConvergence module) to be used with HTML5 web applications.


myIntegrations easily integrates the cloud services and myUIs applications in a wide variety of web content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS) or other general-purpose information management system (IMS).


myPowerDistributionUnits or myPDUs configure and control the automatic powering on and off of your devices.


Supported protocols

ENLARGE supports the most modern and spread protocols to provide reliable communications and solutions:

HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.2/2

The foundations of the WWW

HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. It defines an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, and hypermedia information systems. If any communications protocol standard can really last forever, that would be HTTP. ENLARGE supports all HTTP 1.1 and 1.2/2 features: sessions, authentication, persistent connections, encrypted connections with TLS (HTTPS), and all HTTP request methods (GET, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE...), as well as asynchronous SSE communications. You want to use REST services with ENLARGE? You can!


Graphical access to remote computers

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) are two protocols that provide graphical access to remote computers. Whether you need to use the proprietary RDP protocol to access your Windows devices or the open VNC platform to access your Mac or Linux machines, ENLARGE offers you the solution to easily communicate with all of them. Accessing a distant Windows PC's desktop within a private LAN from outside or a launching a VNC connection to a Linux system behind a firewall is no problem with ENLARGE.


Full-duplex communications

Websockets is a recent communications protocol that provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. It enables interaction between a web client (such as a browser) and a web server with lower overheads, facilitating real-time data transfer from and to the server. ENLARGE supports both WS and WSS (its secure version through TLS). The combined use of WSS with any authentication mechanism available to generic HTTP servers (which are also supported) enables not only full-duplex and asynchronous communications but secure ones too.


Communication with industrial devices

Modbus has become a standard communication protocol for connecting industrial electronic devices. This open and royalty-free protocol was developed with industrial applications in mind and it is easy to both deploy and maintain. If you need to connect a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in a SCADA system, Modbus offers you up-to-date fast and reliable communications and, since it's free for manufacturers to build into their equipment without having to pay royalties, most industrial devices talk and understand Modbus.

SSH tunneling

The greatest flexibility

Tunneling protocols allow a network user to access or provide a network service that the underlying network does not support or provide directly. One important use of a tunneling protocol is to allow a foreign protocol to run over a network that does not support that specific protocol. Another important use is to provide services that are impractical or unsafe to be offered using only the underlying network services; for example, providing a corporate network address to a remote user whose physical network address is not part of the corporate network.

Video streaming

Video feedback in any platform

While not a communication protocol itself, video streaming allows sending and playing pretty much anything. ENLARGE supports the most obscure ancient multimedia formats up to the cutting edge. Whether such formats were designed by a standards committee, the community or a corporation, ENLARGE can convert and send the video so it can be watched. Video streaming allows you to reproduce video from any source in any system, all, under a wide variety of build environments, machine architectures, and configurations.

Join us

ENLARGE (rEmote coNtroLled Access to inteRnet of thinGs dEvices) is a system that allows institutions to share and control the access to their connected hardware devices that are protected behind a private institutional LAN and/or a firewall.

ENLARGE IRS stands for ENLARGE International Registration Server and it is the entry point to join the ENLARGE Federation. You can join the ENLARGE Federation in four ways:



Price: Free!

Register your CMS/LMS institutional website for free as a consumer and gain access to ENLARGE Federation's equipment.




Register your ENLARGE system with a myVirtualFrontier License to activate and use myGateway devices that can be placed within any external LAN.

myVirtualFrontier users also get access to ENLARGE Federation's equipment as consumers.




Register your ENLARGE system with a myFrontier License to manage, share and access devices within your institutional LAN.

myFrontier users also get access to ENLARGE Federation's equipment as consumers.




Register your ENLARGE system with a myFrontier+ License to enable all options from the myVirtualFrontier and the myFrontier Licenses.

myFrontier+ users also get access to ENLARGE Federation's equipment as consumers.

ENLARGE clients with either a myVirtualFrontier, a myFrontier or a myFrontier+ License, also get automatically registered in the ENLARGE Federation as possible consumers of other ENLARGE Federation members' equipment.

Depending on the level of registration you choose in ENLARGE IRS, your ENLARGE system will enable you and your institution to:

Select users from your institutional website to collaborate in the design of remote experiences.

Access to hardware devices, shared by your institution (or by others of the ENLARGE Federation), remotely.

Make your own equipment remotely accessible to other people/institutions of the ENLARGE Federation.

Reach any device you may place either in your institutional LAN or in any external LAN.

Convinced already? Contact us to apply for a License that suits your needs or create an account right now to register your institution as a consumer.